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Weekly VR News - The Grid VR (June)

Level 5
Hi all,

I make a weekly VR news show called 'The Grid'.
Instead of spamming this forum, I create one post for each month and update it with the latest episode.  

Here is June:

Ep 17 - June 23rd:
Spiderman VR, Super Mario Bros AR, Mages Tale, Echo Arena, Oculus + Steam Summer Sale 2017, HTC Vive, Steam Knuckles Controllers

Ep 16 - June 16th:
E3 2017 SPECIAL:  Fallout 4 VR, Doom VFR, Skyrim VR, Lone Echo, Transference, Archangel, Walking Dead VR, E3 2017, Electronic Games Expo, Exclusives, Ubisoft, Talos Principle, The Gallery 2 Heart of the Emberstone, Space Junkies, Sparc, Moss, Final Fantasy XV Monster of the Deep, Star Child, Moss VR, No Heroes Allowed, Superhot VR, Bravo Team, The Inpatient

Ep 15 - June 9th:
Apple Mac VR + AR, Breaking Bad VR, Payday 2 Free, E3 VR Games, PSVR 1 Million Sold! Jay Pinkerton Leaves Valve, Technolust Touch, Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

Ep 14 - June 2nd:
Star Trek Bridge Crew, HTC Vive WiGig, Samsung High PPI Displays, Vives Award, Link, Chromecast VR

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