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360 panoramas

Level 2

Hi,  I have previously used my Quest 1 to show clients 360 panoramas of building designs.  I have a series of images on there that used to work well (approx a year ago) but not Oculus Gallery doesn't work anymore and Oculus TV seems to go just ok on 2D 360 images but seems to crash or not load 3D 360 images.  


I'm wondering if anyone may be able to assist.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We hate to hear that apps are crashing. We'd love to help you.


If you click deny permissions, the app doesn't crash but it won't do 360 views. You could also try updating the app as it had an update in May. Let us know if this helps you.

Hi.  I had tried deny but then can't access my images.   I have updated,  uninstalled,  reinstalled.  None seem to make it any better. 



Additionally Oculus Gallery doesn't start because when it opens it flashes up a Facebook connection, then closes.

Sorry for the confusion. On the app page for Oculus Gallery it says Oculus Gallery will no longer be available on the Quest Store. However, we’ve added the ability to view your media in the improved Oculus TV. Can you try the troubleshooting we suggested for the Oculus TV app?

Yes I had tried TV also.  My initial post noted that TV works for 360 2d images but crashes on 360 3d imaged. Thanks