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Admin account

Level 2

When I click on my profile it says “unable to load please try again later” and I’m unable to access any of my apps because it says I’m logged out even when I try to log back in. I also noticed that it said an android was linked onto my account on multiple occasions, which I have no idea who this could be since I don’t have an android causing me to reset my password for Facebook and this has been a problem for two days now ever since it wanted to update my social features on Oculus. Can you please try to help me fix this problem so my account works again and my social features are able to be updated  without any problems or other accounts trying to link to mine.


Level 2

Mine does the same but all the other profiles besides mine work just fine

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello and welcome! Oh no, we understand you're concerned about not being able to locate your account; that's not good. We'd like to take care of this for you right away. Can we please have you create a support ticket so that we can provide you with the best possible assistance.