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Air Link not loading

Level 2

Earlier today I turned on my Oculus Quest 2 for the first time and it was working all fine till I decided to try and use Air Link, It connects to my Laptop and clearly shows on both my headset and Laptop that they are connected but whenever I go to launch it, it just comes up with the 3 dots then on my laptop sends a notification saying "Oculus isn't working correctly" or "Oculus Link stopped working" or "We can't find your headset". Tried YouTube videos but no progress has been made, anyone got any tips into what I should do? 


Edit: Just checked and not the Oculus Program says it has a "general device problem"68197a77f8b5e3a8852b7e4cc7e1c8fe.png


Specs of my Laptop:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti GDDR6 @ 6GB 

AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics 



I have SteamVR installed, heard that it could be a problem but that is the reason I want to use AirLink so want to know if there is another way. 



This is my internet speeds: 34166a40ecc58ef0872d8c64822c6619.png


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Heyo @LordsDestiny! PCVR is pretty cool, so let's take a look see at some options! I do want to mention as far as SteamVR goes, I won't be able to provide much support there.


As for your Air Link issues, could you please answer the following:


  1. When was this issue first noticed?
  2. Does Oculus via Link cable work by chance?
  3. Are your GPU drivers up to date?
  4. Are you ensuring to follow the Air Link best practices:
    1. Have your PC connected to Router/Access Point via Ethernet cable
    2. Headset should be connected to Wi-Fi via 5GHz band (AC or AX)
    3. Router in the same room as the headset or in line-of-sight, and at least 1m (3.3ft) off the ground
    4. Non-mesh network configuration (No extenders)


Let me know if any of this seems to help out! 🙂