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Air link and laptop with 2 GPUs

Level 3



I have a laptop with 2 graphics cards, a built-in radeon and an RTX 3070. And I am using the QUEST 2 headset


When I activate the AIR LINK, nothing happens.


When I deactivate the Radeon, AIR LINK works but with very very poor performance.


Why is Oculus not correctly recognizing my hardware ?


Need help !!!


Level 2

I also have quest 2 and plan to buy laptop legion 5 pro with RTX 3070. I read some say the GPU is not compatible, but I also read some comments say that it is due to dual GPU in the laptop, which you have to bypass the low GPU and switch it to RTX 3070. Please let me know if it works. Thanks.

Level 3

I found the solution.


Basically the problem is that the Oculus PC application only recognizes the GPU in use, namely the secondary GPU. You have to force it to recognize the main GPU  :


I deactivate the secondary GPU, I restart my computer. I reactivate my secondary GPU. It is also necessary to add in graphic parameter (parameter> system> display> graphic parameter) all the OCULUS services (we find them in the installation folder. And we identify them, after launching the Oculus PC application, in the manager of task> process). Now the computer recognizes my main GPU as the one to use.

I do have the same problem, but I don't fully understand how you solved the problem.


Could you please explain it a bit better please?



I'm sorry, I'm not very comfortable with English. I read it again ... I can't explain it better ... the most important You have to go to the device manager, thing is to deactivate the graphics chipset and restart the computer so that only the gamer graphics card is active. 

You must also trace your problem to the oculus support and if he tells you that it is not them but to go to the support of your laptop computer, you insist with them in order to explain to them that the problem comes from the oculus software!


That way they will escalate the problem to the developers to give us an update!

Unfortunately this doesn't work for me.