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I bought a new computer for VR but i didn't suceed to play with air link.


After lauching air link, the frame freeze each time at 30sec.  I need to leave air link, then i can play on my quest without problems. But if i try air link again i have the same problem.


My computer : RTX 3060 ti, ryzen 5600g, RAM 16 Go

All new firmware are download (Windows, NVIDIA, oculus, etc).

I try to disable my antivirus (Kaspersky) and firewall.

I try to swith my wifi on 5 Ghz only or to plug my computer directly on the internet box.

(Fews mounths ago i suceed to play with my oculus and my brother computer (way less powerfull) on the same internet connexion. So i don't think the problem is here.)

I try to re-instal my oculus app on computer.

I try to reboot my oculus quest.


Have you any idea to fix it?







Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @ikwt11! We definitely want for you to be able to use Air Link, and we're happy to point you in the right direction to get some expert troubleshooting to get it working.


So that you can get some one-on-one support for Air Link, we'd like for you to submit a support ticket to our team. Please also include a copy of your Oculus logs so our experts can take a deep dive into your setup and figure out the best troubleshooting steps for you!

Okay, i'm doing it.