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Airlink connection via separate router

Level 2


I am planing to open small VR arcade, wanted to use quests 2 as my main headsets connected via airlink with PCs. 

I am wondering how to do it properly. I have 1 router from internet provider, connected to network via optical fiber. Not sure if its even 5GHz, but for sure I wont be able to connect all the headsets through this device. I think I need to buy separate 5GHz router for each headset/PC. The problem is I dont know how connect them later to my main router, so I will have the internet on all the PCs? 

Should I connect them from my main router by ETH cable to their WAN ports and it will work? I actually only have 3 ETH ports free on the main router, what if I need to connect more PCs?


Maybe someone could help? Or maybe there is more simple solution?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! Thank you for reaching out. That's a great question, and congrats on your new arcade. That sounds like an awesome idea! To answer your question, you would definitely want a Meta Quest business account. 


We don't typically have the same resources on the forum as on the business page, so we'd like to direct you to this link. You can also use this link to speak with a business support agent. We hope you have a great day and good luck on your new business adventure.