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Audio does not come through headset and VR games play sound onto desktop rarely

Level 2
This happened pretty suddenly, but now I can't hear audio through my Oculus Rift anymore. I've gone through my sound settings and changed my output device on my Windows, and in the Oculus Settings page, I selected Rift Headphones as the option to play the sounds. I even enabled the "Hear VR Audio from Computer" and "Hear computer audio in VR" but I don't hear anything in the VR headset regardless nor can I hear the oculus games when launched through the Oculus Launcher. 

Rarely, sometimes the sound does play, but only through my computer audio, most likely due to selecting "Hear VR Audio from Computer" but this only happens one every few runs. There was ONE time it did play through my headphones, and that was the only time before I never got to hear it again. 

I'm not sure if its due to my soundcard causing interference or something else, but I'd like to ensure a surefire way to make this work or not. I just want to see if the headset isn't dead or not and I'm just experiencing software problems. 

Level 2
Right click over your speaker icon go to sound settings, check what is selected, select Oculus

Level 4
install voicemeeter and virtual audio cable. set every device to be routed through Voicemeeter and never have to mess around with audio settings again. Mind you, it'll take a solid couple of hours to trouble shoot and get it perfect, but it's so much easier to manage when it's done.

Level 2
Got support to help me a bit back. So apparently it was a loose cable. The cable connected to the headset itself was loose and I had to replug it to get it working.