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BUG: Quest 2 Cannot pair to more than one phone for casting

Level 2

Quest 2 cannot be paired with more than 1 phone or device for casting. This is a serious limitation that should be addressed in an update. 


Despite being able to add multiple accounts, casting to other TV's or other devices can only be accomplished through the first device that the Quest 2 is paired with. 


Please fix: its annoying that my family members are only able to cast through my phone, and I'm not always around for it. 


Proposed support solution is factory reset of the device and the pairing of a new device, which does not address the issue - I would also like to be able to cast from my device. The issue is that the Quest 2 cannot cast from different devices, and is limited only to the original paired device. Unpairing the original device is not an acceptable solution (or any solution at all) to the issue. 



Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@Vaguesilhouette You can actually pair to more than one device without having to unpair the original. The only thing that would be stopping you, is if you're trying to pair with secondary accounts. 


If you try to pair 5 different phones under the admin account, you'll be more than fine. As for trying to cast, there is no way you'd be able to cast to all 5 of those at the same time. I don't really know any current tech company that would allow that. 

To Clarify the issue, here is the hypothetical (and actual) situation.

I have a phone, linked to my account, that cast from, to my TV or other devices. 

Occasionally, I am not around when someone else wants to use the VR headset.

There is no ability to pair another phone (on any account) so that it can cast. Or so it appears from all efforts to do so. 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support


@Vaguesilhouette Wow, that seems to be an issue all in its own. 


What all have you tried by chance?


Does changing the network you're connected to seem to work? (Mobile hotspot/cell data)


Are there any extenders? Those can cause quite the issue too.