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Black screen if I close then relaunch Oculus

Level 5
Hello all
I am on Windows 10

When I start oculus for the first time after booting Win10, the headset is working and I can play indefinitly.

But when I want to make a coffee pause closing Oculus and launching it later to play again, I have a black screen and only the sound in the helmet !
The only solution I found is a full rstart of the computer (not convenient) or closing ALL oculus software the unplug-plug many times helmet USB cable.

Do you have a solution for that ???

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Sounds like a WIN10 Permissions thing just like Skype. Once it is used or another program is used but even closed it does not allow Permission For Accessing Devices. Whilst Skype does have a TERMINATE command in the Apps & Features>Uninstall>Advanced Menu, OCULUS does not!

Some use Close Oculus Tasks either in Task Menu or by the Oculus Debug Tool to Restart Oculus Server.
This explains why some have problems whilst it tries to UPDATE FIRMWARE.

Level 3
hi!, the only thing i found for the moment (that work for me in my pc), is unplug and plug again the headset's USB. 
1.close Oculus soft
2.unplug and plug the headset (only the usb)
3. relaunch oculus soft

Level 4
I get a similar problem like this accept its not inside my headset where the problem lies, but the actual computer gets different color screens and crashes when I'm playing other games causing me to completely restart my PC. Its perfectly fine when I'm in VR. I've tried a lot of things, but it just seems to me that the actual Oculus firmware  is in need  of some kind of patch soon.

Level 5
Solution found, works 4/5 times

1 - Close Oculus desktop,
2 - Wait 15-20 seconds,
3 - Kill all oculus process (use OTT),
4 - Wait 15-20 seconds,
5 - Restart oculus server with OTT,
6 - Wait 15-20 seconds,
7 - Start oculus desktop,

Headset should work again... if not then retry the sequence until it works