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Black screen

Level 2

It started with a black screen that flashed then stays black.

rebooted holding power down for several seconds. Can hear it booting up but no picture.

tried a factory reboot.  Now the light is white and it won’t turn on at all.

my VR is fully charged as the light turns green when I plug it in.

oh and when I went to the Oculus app on the notices there is a red banner saying they have an unknown error and are trying to fix it.  

any other tips on how I can get my quest working?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Wow! This is not what we want for you.  We want to make sure you are able to get back to your awesome VR device. 


We appreciate the information you have provided and the steps you have taken. Please go ahead and submit a ticket to get in contact with one of our extraordinary agents. 


You can also get on a live chat with them or even schedule a phone call and you can do this in the following link


Please provide the same steps you have let us know, and they can get you back up and running!