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Bought Paper Birds 1 & II from the Meta Quest website but its not in my Oculus library or on Quest 2

Level 2

Oops, so I saw the known issue of people being logged out of their accounts. That sounded like me. I re-paired my device and it logged me back in. Now my purchase showed up in my apps! So below problem is solved. Don't know how to delete my message so just adding this edit.


So, I bought Paper Birds I & II from the Meta Quest website but then I went and opened my Oculus app on my PC and its not showing up in my library with all my other purchases. Put on my headset, set up airlink, checked in my apps on my Quest 2. Also, not there. Where is my purchase? When I clicked purchase I made sure it said it was compatible. It said compatible with Quest, Quest 2. So, why is it not showing up??? I'm new to this. All my other purchases were purchases for my old Rift S besides beat saber, cubism and maybe 1 more, which I believe I purchased directly on the oculus app. I don't own a link cable. Hope I don't need it. None of my games are on my headset. When I try to connect to the store on my headset I have an error "Oops nothing to show here HDSLVC2" to add, I have no idea why my headset now says Profile unable to load all the time. I go to accounts and it tells me to go to my computer and setup an account. I have already setup a meta account when I follow these instructions. On my headset though my account shows up but I can't select it or do anything with it. This is terribly confusing.