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Brand new Quest 2 Left controller joystick sticking

Level 3


I recently purchased a Quest 2 at the end of July and didnt even use it until the Facebook requirement lifted. It seems the support through the meta portal does require facebook, however. Im not sure who I need to contact regarding the product warranty and replacing this controller. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@TenaciousLeeTV Joystick issues are never fun from what I've experienced. What kind of 'sticking' is your joystick doing?


Would it be like drifting in one direction?  If so, there's actually a joystick range and deadzone recalibration setting that you can look into. They should be in their own tab in the Settings.


Taking out the battery for liike 10-15 should help reset the electronics within the controller. Just be sure to replace it with a new or a known working one.


If those doesn't work for you, you can make a ticket with the support team. Just click through the prompts (If your issue isn't there specifically just click the closest option then explain in the box).


Hopefully this information helps!

Unfortunately it physically sticks. To be specific, when I push the left joystick forward it frequently will stay in that position until I physically pull it back into the center. I dont think I need to explain why this is problematic. Its certainly disappointing considering this is brand new...

What ever you do, don't try taking apart to see if there is an easy fix, as once touched oculus will have nothing to do with replacing faulty parts. They will have you send the controller to them for inspection to see if warranty is an option. Best of luck, they did all they could when I had the same problem to avoid a warranty claim, with me loosing. I bought mine on line and dont live in one of there selected countries, shipping through 3 countries, each way so it would comlpy with there regulations is more than the cost of a new controller...

Best of luck, Regards MC. 

I mean...who disassembles a product and then expects a warranty to be honored? Common bro...