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Broken Tracking, Broken Boundaries

Level 2

I never know where to begin with Oculus products. They always seem to be in a constant state of a decay. Once a problem starts it never seems to go away. Its fine one day, broken the next day. And you spend most of your play time just trying to fix the issue. And this feels all the time. I swore I never would buy another one of these, and I regret doing so. Where do we start.....


Oculus Quest 2.... Today it decided it no longer likes my guardian I have literally been using for a couple weeks. Something to do with all this META bs update no doubt. It kept raising my floor level by itself. Then forgetting my Guardian boundary exists the second I step into it. Its not lighting. Restarting the device hasn't helped. Then it track stutters in game. Neither issue of which it was doing the other day.

Then lets talk about PCVR. Again first day it was fine. Anything after that??? Menu failures. You boot into PCVR and you get motion sickness because the black and white menu boundary and menu itself is tearing and not moving with your head movements correctly. As for the bottom menu buttons... the buttons all move inside their fixed position instead of staying stable. I don't quite even know how to describe the problem. 

One thing I can tell you I am tired of.... its fixing Oculus products for them during an overwhelming portion of my free time.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! That seems like quite the list of issues to be having within some time span. We know these can be more than discouraging and time consuming, so we'd love to help out! 


In order to best get these issues knocked out 1 by 1, we suggest you create a support ticket where we can give that proper 1 on 1 support!