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Broken left controller... and NO SUPPORT

Level 2

Our left controller is not working right. We logged in to a Chat session with Parveena V. She had me re-pair it. That didn't help. She had me reset the headset. That made no difference. I was then asked to provide...


Shipping Information     • Full name     • Shipping address     • Phone number • Preferred email address to receive labels • Oculus username and/or email address associated with your account • Touch controller serial number: which is located inside the battery compartment and starts with "1PALC" • Unit serial number, which is located on the bottom of the box and starts with "1PAVR" (for Quest) • Retail receipt or invoice including item, retailer, price, and date **-OR-** Oculus order number


I did all that.


I provided our address here in Portugal. We bought it from Oculus on (Spain) and your company shipped it to us here in Portugal. Unfortunately, Parveena insisted that we provide a shipping address in Spain. And she would not escalate this to her Manager. She said, "I truly understand the vexation and challenges you are experiencing. However, in order to proceed further we do require a shipping based on Spain as it is supported country by Oculus, Stu."


So, I spent an hour chatting with Parveena and am very frustrated. Her final suggestion was to post a message here.


Please help.


Level 3

We had a controller issue and they made us send in the entire unit on February 15. It's now April and we still have no unit back, and are out the money we spent to purchase it. Many messages via email, twitter, and whatsapp have been replied to by the same bull**bleep** that they are looking into it.