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Can’t add payment method

Level 2

I need help fast I havnt been able to add a payment method to buy a game. I’ve tryed different phones and credit cards, debit, PayPal and nothing is working. If tech support could fix this for me soon I’d appreciate it. Trying to get that BoneLabs 


Level 2

same am trying to buy bonelabs but cant add a payment method I've switched cards multiple times and switched the device i was trying to add on and still nothing just get the sorry we can not add payment method 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Good day @HappyWaysTV. We understand you can't add a card to your account. Not cool! We know how important it is to get into Bonelab today. 


Please review the following link on our method payment requirements.

If you meet these requirements and still need help, please contact Meta Store Support at for assistance. 


All the best!

It is still not working I need help in redeeming my visa gift card I did everything I can

Hi there! We would love to help you with this! Visa gift cards are not always guaranteed to work when purchasing if the card is not connected to a physical address. 


At this time, we would like you to reach out to our support team here if the card is connected to a physical address. 



I would like to echo the problems mentioned above and also that your support link does not apply to the problem at hand.


I find it disgraceful there is no help for this matter ie a serious account problem at your end and the only support offered is general hardware and software related. 


I have seen multiple entries regarding this and all help offered is utterly useless, I cannot stress enough that you are obviously unable to understand the actual problem and telling users to do what they have obviously already done in the settings is severely embarrassing.

Level 2

I am also having trouble adding payment method. About ready to send it back and I brought three more for Christmas presents

Hey there! We would love to help spread some holiday cheer and get this payment method issue sorted out for you. Check out our payment requirements here to make sure your card is supported. We recommend trying to add the payment on another browser, network, or device as well. If you're still in need of assistance, reach out to our support team, we're always happy to help!