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Can't download Horizon Worlds

Level 2



does anybody know why i cant download horizon worlds?

because when i go to the store i cant download it.

i live in the netherlands maybe thats the reason



Level 3

Dat zou ik ook wel willen weten. 

when will the horizon world be available in Nederlands? please comment

Level 4

that what want to know too!


My headset is new and has plenty of space. It is updated because I just got it a few days ago and set it up. I see Horizon Worlds but it says "Coming Soon". I am a little jealous that I can't be in it.

23 year old American living in the US. I am still getting "Coming soon", no download button. Y'all just had to take away Horizon Venues and merge it with a product that hasn't even been fully released instead of letting us play with Venues while you release Worlds.

Level 4

Its a little bit of discrimination : only countrys where they speak English may have the fun of Horizon Worlds.

Sick of waiting and i check multiple times a day but every time i get the "coming soon" message.

from August 6, the Policy policy in Europe will change from meta from that date we will also get an update and we can create a meta account for the octulus quest 2 and a horizon account I expect from that date that we will have access to the horizon world! if altspacevr can also be worldwide then horizon world can do that too!!!!

Level 2

I am happy they are spreading out, but I'm in America and I still get the coming soon thing. I just want to play it and spend money in it, but they won't take my money!!

Yeah, no, it isn't. I'm older than 18 and live in the US. Every time I visit the Horizon Worlds page, I get "coming soon". Been having this for months now. Y'all need to stop saying that it's available for those in the US.

Level 4

In een nieuwsbericht ergens op de site van Meta stond ergens dat het deze zomer zou komen.

Ze hebben het bericht aangepast naar "dit jaar" .

Echt een rotstreek, weet zeker dat er stond dat het deze zomer zou komen(en de zomer is allang voorbij) !