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Can't get past the pairing screen

Level 3

I had to send in my Oculus 2 headset and they sent me a refurbished one. When I turned it on it took me straight to the pairing screen with the controllers pulling out the tabs. It won't let me past the pairing screen in order to set up wifi and the controllers can't pair to it either. I tried to factory reset it and it did the same thing. When I try to pair it on my app it just says it's unable to pair and gives me trouble shooting options. Can anyone help me with this? I don't know what else to do


Level 2

Dude I’m having the exact same problem man refurbished headset can’t connect on the app or connect controllers it’s starting to piss me off

I tried going through meta support as well and I could tell she didn't know what to do, she asked if I could try a different Wi-Fi even though I told her I can't even get to the settings to set up wifi

Level 3

I’m also having the same issue with a new refurb headset. Restarting the app, turning off wifi and Bluetooth, reinstalled the app, reset the headset but nothing has helped. 

Level 3

Same here, how can you update if you can't get past pairing controllers don't they get, support is so stupid. 

Level 2

Exact same problem here as well. Refurb. Can't pair controllers to get on Wifi. Using the 5-digit code to pair with the app on the phone results in an error dialog every time. Stuck.

Level 2

Has anybody figured out what to do for this?


Level 3

Monday - last edited Friday


Here's how I fixed it:

  1. Download the latest firmware file

  2. Rename it

  3. Power off your Quest 2

  4. Hold Volume - and power until the device boots into a bootloader screen

  5. Using the Volume buttons, navigate to "Sideload Update" and then press power

  6. Connect your Q2 to your PC via the USB-C cable. Use the cable which came with the Q2 if possible

  7. Install the Android Debug Bridge (adb)

  8. Move the file to the same folder as adb
  9. Run adb devices, you should see something like List of devices attached: 123456789 sideload

  10. Run adb sideload

  11. After a few minutes the file will have transferred and your Q2 will begin updating

  12. Once updated, you should be able to pair the app with the handset

If that doesn't work, ask Meta for a refund of their crappy product!

My boyfriend is way more tech savvy than me so I let him mess around with it and he said he fixed it. I think he paired it to my controllers already but I haven't seen him yet to see if we can pair it to my app. He had to hook it up to his computer and force a firmware flash on it

was he successful? im currently in the same boat and i really dont know what to do!

if possible can i know how he paired the controllers without the app?