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Can't sync videos and pictures to my phone on quest 2

Level 3

I am trying to sync my videos and pictures to the oculus app, but whenever I look up how to, they say click on the cloud icon and it will sync. There is no cloud icon and the 3 dots in recent aren't working. Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong? And yes, I am connected to my headset on the app.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@Gilbert1324 Oh man, that's pretty bumming. 


Are you trying to use an android or an iPhone by chance? What all have you tried?


I do have something you can try:


  1. Uninstall the oculus app
  2. Reinstall the oculus app
  3. Sign in but don't check your device
  4. Force stop the app
  5. Turn all permissions on, including installing from unknown sources
  6. Start the app and check your device.


Let me know if this is of any use!

@TheAntiSocializer I am on android. I have uninstalled the app, restarted my headset, and nothing works. I am now going to wait for a little bit and if I record something new, I will see if the cloud icon pops up. Wherever I go it says to make sure you have updated everything, which I have done, uninstall the oculus app, I have done that, or a new thing I saw was to put your headset back into factory mode or something. Thanks for your feedback.

Hey @Gilbert1324, what version of the app are you running and what software version is your headset currently on? It seems you've already done the general troubleshooting for this type of issue (uninstall, reinstall, restart, etc), so we may need to dig a bit deeper and see what could be causing this issue to be happening. 

Could you please explain how to find out what version they are? I really only know how to get games, how to play games, and a couple of other stuff.