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Cant Login Samsung Gear VR

Level 3

Looked at a bunch of other posts and cant solve this issue. My headset was working fine until today where i was forced to get a using a meta account. Since then all i get is a "Facebook Session Expired" error. I've uninstalled Facebook and Oculus apps and reinstalled, no change. I created a new FB account and Linked it but again when i open the Oculus Gear VR app i get that error, rebooted the device, no change, removed all FB accounts from my device (S9+) and added only the new account, no change. My old Oculus account doesn't work as i get a "No network Connection" error there. WTF is up with Meta forcing users into this crap that is rife with issues. And I cant raise a ticket because there is no support option for Gear VR. And I refuse to buy a $400 headset just on principle...My existing one worked just fine until today.


Level 3

I feel the same pain you are Saviddl.  I am getting the exact same issues as you are.  I have also done all the same stuff.  Uninstalled and reinstalled both, tried different email accounts etc.  Meta says you dont need a facebook account, but when I try a new Meta account that is not related to facebook, or even try one that is related, when I put in my email and password, I get the "No network Connection" error.  And just to prove that I do have a network connection, I put in an incorrect password, and it tell me email address or password incorrect, so it is working.  So a bit WTF is going on, right now my Gear VR is a dead brick.


Come on Meta, sort this S^&T out.

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Yeap. Getting the same error. Took a screen shot of error to log support ticket and there is no link to Meta support to log a ticket. Terrible migration to new platform and terrible support. I guess my phone, controller and headset all go in the bin now???

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We hate hearing that your Gear VR isn't working. We'd love to help.


We do not service the Samsung Gear anymore. We have provided you a link to the Support you need for this device HERE. 

HI - The problem is not my Gear VR at all, in fact it was working perfectly, the problem is that i can no longer use it because i cant login to oculus and thus the device is now unusable, that link you posted is of no help for this problem unfortunately.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there SaviddL. Could you please PM us so we can assist you with your account information while keeping it private? We'd love to help you with your account.


Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here: Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

Since I am having the exact same issue as SaviddL, I will message you as well.


Thank you.

Level 3

Hi I got the same issue as well. If you can find a solution for this i would appreciate if you would share this here with me 🙂

No prob

Bonjour à tous !


Je viens d'acquérir le casque pour mon samsung S9 et j'ai exactement le même problème. Impossible de se connecter par facebook ou en se connectant au compte meta.. (message session facebook expirée ou aucune connexion reseau). 


Je l'ai acheté pour l'anniversaire de ma fille, je dois bientôt lui offrir..

Tenez nous au courant si vous avez une solution !