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Controller don’t work no mo‘

My Oculus Quest 2‘s right controller has ceased function, i replaced the batteries, I unpaired and re-paired it, I tapped it, as many solutions as I was given, idk if there’s anything else I can do. Should I just get a new controller? Or can I like take it to a repair shop or smth?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We hate hearing your controllers aren't working properly, we know how important controllers are to the VR experience! Let's see what we can do to help. We do appreciate you trying to troubleshoot this before reaching out to us. We just have a few questions so we can better understand your issue:


When you replaced the batteries, did you see the controller light up at all? Did you leave the batteries out of the device for at least 5 minutes? 


If there has been no lights and no change, we suggest that you create a Support ticket HERE so we what options we can do to further help you with one on one support.