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Controller firmware update stalled out after factory reset

Level 2

I seem to have had the same problem as others - after the Meta forced update, the headset wouldn't let me login without getting the update but I couldn't get the update without logging in.


I did a factory reset. That seemed to work for a bit, but as I was setting the headset up again the controllers stopped working.


I unpaired the controllers. When I repaired the left controller, a firmware update automatically started and was successful (to version 1.9). I tried to do the same to the right controller and it paired without updating (and showed version 1.6). After several attempts at unpairing and re-pairing, the firmware update notification came on for the right controller... but something that said it would take just a few minutes was never successful, even after waiting an hour.


So I'm stuck with one controller that's working (left - version 1.9) and one that's not (right - version 1.6). I can't get past the first screen of the factory reset on the headset without both controllers working. 




Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hiya! Controller issues are really no fun, and you've really put in a bunch of effort already. I've got one more suggestion to try here before you reach out to support. Take out the batteries from the controller for at least 10 minutes, then replace them with new batteries. That'll let the controller fully drain of any power and basically reset, and hopefully that helps get it working and updated right.


If that doesn't work, you should definitely hit up the Support Team by submitting a ticket here.

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