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Cooling fan issues and issues opening a support ticket?

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Having issues with a cooling fan error message.   It is absurdly unintuitive to open a support ticket for warranty work.  The main website doesn't seem to have an option to open a ticket;  I get diverted to a community;  links listed to open a support ticket don't work or send you back to the main website.  What gives?  I've only had the quest 2 for approximately 6 months and it's only used for sim racing.  Very light usage but I'm having hardware issues already?


How do I even get any support for the product?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Anonymous! We know fan issues can be discouraging so we'd love to help out! 


In order to gain a bit more insight, could you answer the following:


  • When was this first noticed?
  • Is there an error message that pops up?
    • Could you provide a direct quote of said message?
  • Is there any noise coming from inside the headset?
  • Is the support site you're testing this one here?
    • If so, select through the following (There will be no option for the fan but the following steps will direct you to create a ticket):
      1. Software or content
      2. Other software or content issue
      3. Select one of the options to create a new support ticket


Looking forward to your update!