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Delete avatar?

Level 2

Hello, got a quest 2 yesterday. My daughter had a go and set up a female avatar as me. I'm her dad and would like to change it. No option to delete it. Any idea how?


I have a Meta Quest 2 and at some point, I believe it's when I created a Horizon World's profile on my VR device, something went horrible wrong (I have no memory though of playing with Mother Nature however) and I was given the default Middle Eastern 'woman' avatar. I a dude from Canada and non-affiliated with any religion.  So when signed into my Meta Quest 2 VR device and using the Horizon World's avatar, I'm stuck being a female.  I tried going into avatar management and changing it to a guy avatar, but there are ZERO options for me to do that. It only allows me to pick from female Middle Eastern options.  I can't delete it. I can't switch to a male avatar profile. I cannot even switch to the 'old' head and body avatar that came before the new avatar bodies. 


Recently it did allow me to change the 'features' of the Middle Eastern woman (hat, hair, eyes, clothing, etc)....but the fact remains I'm stuck in a female avatar and cannot change, delete, or restart fresh.  


How can I fix this. I knowi t's happening to many many people using the Meta Quest 2 and Horizon World's profile.  The fix should be super simple - delete current avatar and create new one.


Help. I haven't used my Meta Quest 2 since after having a horrible experience entering in Horizon World's and people thinking I'm pretending to be a woman (with a male voice). Doesn't go over well.


I can't upload a photo of it because its only accessible from the headset and google search turns up none of the original default avatars.



Thanks but I’ve been trying that didn’t work

@theosakadude @Regamz10


Interesting... You may have an update that hasn't fully applied itself. Let's find out. 😎


The avatars are going to be gender neutral, so those won't change. What you'll swap around is like, clothes, hairstyles etc. Are you guys specifically trying to change the gender, or are you trying to change the details and it's not saving? Have you made sure your mobile app is up to date?


If were looking at a potential update issue, I'd say your best bet is to start with a hard reboot on your headset. You can do this by holding the power button down for about 40-50 seconds. Your headset will restart on its own, and once you're back at the home screen, you're golden. This is great for forcing updates through and fixing the odd glitch or bug from time to time. 👍


Once you've gone through that hard reboot, give these steps a follow:

  • In your headset, tap on your profile picture.
  • Select "Edit Avatar"
  • In the left hand menu, select a category under "Appearance"
  • Once you're done, select the save and exit option at the bottom


If we're talking about Horizon Worlds specifically, you have some other options for editing your avatar. Here's a link with some solid information about all that. Here's the walkthrough for changing your Horizons avatar:


  • Hop into Horizon Worlds
  • Turn over your left wrist, tap the three line icon and select "Profile"
  • Select "Edit Avatar" in the top right.
  • This menu will have many more options, and you can even randomize your appearance.
  • And finally, select "save changes"


If that doesn't work, please let me know. I'd be interested in knowing if it just flat out fails to update, or if it gives some kind of error code. You can take a picture on your headset with your phone. Cover up the forehead sensor (the little light dot in the middle of the facial interface) and snap a picture through one of the lenses. If it gives you a code, error, or message, including a picture of it would be helpful, if possible.

Ad Astra Per Aspera, Trooper.

YES! This happened to me exactly. I can change the features, but my avatar still looks like a girl (I’m a guy btw). I just wish meta would add a feature to choose another template, it’s something so stupidly obvious, that it’s weird how it isn’t a thing yet.

Hey! Thanks for the reply, but that isn’t really solving the issue. The thing is I (and I’m sure I speak for most of us here) would like a completely different template, since the one I accidentally chose does not look at all like me. Yes, I can change the eye color, body type, hair, etc. but it still doesn’t look good. I just wish we could choose to start over, since getting stuck on one avatar permanently really doesn’t make any sense. Thank you!

I really appreciate you clearing that up, thank you. I was messing around with my avatar last night and see what you mean. I think we should take this to the ideas forum. Having more avatar options sounds like something the we could all could get behind.


If someone wants to make that thread, I'll totally throw my hat in that ring. 😎

Ad Astra Per Aspera, Trooper.

Level 2

I'm having the same issue please share resolution if found.

These avatars are definitely not gender neutral.  Why is there only female clothing options for my avatar.  Skirts and female form shirts. Why can’t I change?   Fix this.  Embarrassing. 

These options still do not let me change it from looking or dressing like an obvious female.  How do I make my avatar look male?  All appearance or accessory options are blatantly female. 

Exactly, I cannot change that fact that I look like a woman (clothing, facial features, hair, whatever)'s all female based. 

Here is what I originally looked like (i.e., Photo1)....

Meta Avatar 1.jpg











Here is what I look like now (after tinkering with the avatar options) ...but I don't have male options.

Meta Avatar 2.png














PLEASE just let us delete and start anew. What is so complicated with that?