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Delete games/demos - Why do you STILL refuse to let users do this??

Level 3

I can see that users have been requesting this for years, and your reply to me from customer services suggests meta do not care about their users experience.

Simple fix 1 would be to have the defaultly loaded library automatically set as filtered to 'installed'. Rather than users having to MANUALLY select this filer EVERY SINGLE TIME they view their library.

Better fix 2 would be to allow users to be able to permanently delete games they hate from their library/account. You could make this only possible through the mobile app if you're concerned about users doing this by mistake on their headsets. You could make it possible to only do this for demos if you're concerned about users changing their minds and not wanting to pay for a game twice.

What happens if my kids download a 'free' social app/game full of abusive users (they all are) and i cannot stop this being shown in my library? Well i can tell you that i certainly won't let my kids use the oculus anymore when that happens.

What happens when i can no longer handle all the unwanted crap filling up my library? I'll stop using oculus myself and buy vr for steam, which arguably I should have done in the first place but was wooed by the implied simplicity of the oculus.


Level 3

p.s oculus is starting to feel like a 90s mobile phone full of undeletable bloatware...