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Why am I not receiving emails? I have subscribed probably about 4 or 5 times and still nothing. My friend receives a discount email about 1 a month or every other month and in over 1 year I have not received any. I don't get any though. Not even anything on sales or deals. I have spoken to support and I am kept being told their is nothing wrong but I get zero from them



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Oh no! This is not something we like to hear! No worries, we will provide you with a link so you can provide your email to subscribe! 


Please make sure the email is a working and active email! 


We appreciate your patience! 

I have subscribed many times and I still don’t get anything. It is the email I use for my Oculus. I would hate to still not being able to receive any discounts. A friend of mine gets them at least once a month. Which I think is highly unfair it being “random” so some people can get multiple while others can not get 1….AND on top the fact that the discounts are not even able to be shared.

We appreciate you pointing this out to us. This should definitely not be the case. You should be receiving promotions dedicated to your personal account. We don't have the tools required to assist here on the forum. We recommend you submit a support ticket. One of our specialists will be happy to help you further!