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FIXED (Can be delete) Oculus Rift and Unity

Level 2

Hello everyone,


I have an Oculus Rift and Touch (so not Quest) and I'm making a VR game in unity. Therefor, I need to use my headset to obviously test the game. Problem is Unity doesn't seem to recognize the headset in any way. I read online I might need to enable dev mode on the headset but the option isn't in the companion app ( I've created my org and successfully verified my Oculus developer account ) but the option is still not there. Most videos or solutions are for quest devices.


My headset works perfectly fine when I play games on steam/oculus app (if that matters).


On this website : Under the enable dev mode, its says to go to Settings > System > Developer but these options aren't there for me.


I'm running out of option so I'm reaching here for help.


Thanks in advance to anyone contributing 🙂


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey hey! I see you edited the title of your post to show it's been fixed (yay!), but wanted to let you know that if you have other dev related questions in the future, you'll probably get some better responses if you post on the Developer side of the Forums:


Best of luck with the game you're working on!



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Level 2

I have totally same problem with you with my Rift S. 
Please let me know how to fix that developer mode