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Gifted Beat Saber to a friend but their referral link just sends them to purchase the game

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A friend of mine just got a Quest 2 and I gifted them two games, Walkabout Mini-Golf and Beat Saber. They redeemed Mini-Golf easily enough and we played some last night. However when they click the referral link for Beat Saber it takes them to the store page on the Oculus app and asks them to buy the game at full price rather than redeem it like they did with Mini-Golf. 


Any help on this one? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

We are all about sharing the experience of VR with friends! If the game was redeemed in this manner, Beat Saber should have gone into your friends library immediately. 


To redeem a gift: 

  1. When a friend sends you a gift, you'll receive an email. Open the email message and copy the 25 digit code.

  2. Navigate to the purchase page for the app you were gifted.

  3. Click Redeem Gift.

  4. In the window that pops up, enter the code then click Submit. 

We have more information on app gifting here and here. If your friend is still experiencing difficulty redeeming a gift, they might need to come chat with us or submit a support ticket at We would be more than happy to assist.