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Horizon Worlds Issue (Coming Soon) US 18+

Level 2

I've had this headset set up and have been using it for over a year.

I still cant download Horizon Worlds on my PC. It just says "Coming Soon".

NO I am not using a VPN or Proxy.

YES I am 18+

YES I have my facebook linked

YES I have it already on my headset itself

YES I live in the US.


Would love if someone out there could upload the game files from their PC so people can stop trying to rely on meta to do something they're never going to do. (Fix the issue)


Level 4

I have put how to resolve on the forums its easy. If you have a meta account set up with your original facebook you will have your games and avatar and friends all saved now. So now you shud remove that facebook account. Make a new one add that just for quest 2 to your meta account and boom available as soon as you refresh your oculus store app. Its that easy.