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Horizon account setup removed all my apps

Level 2

Hi there - it appears that in setting up the Horizon accounts I've made an error.  Using my Facebook for login previously, when prompted to create the new Horizon account on the oculus I created a new username (@xyz).  I kept all Facebook login information the same.  Today, the Oculus App prompted me to create the Horizon account and I followed the same steps but left the default "@" username.  Now, when trying to log in to the Oculus app, it appears to be a brand new profile and all my apps are gone.  Trying to us the Oculus itself, I'm prompted to link accounts with an 8 digit code that does not work and accessing my apps listed all return "not authorized to use".  Any help you can provide in syncing the initial Horizon profile back so I can play again would be greatly appreciated!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We know it can be discouraging for your apps to up and disappear so we'd be glad to take a look! 


We do want to share that some users have reported creating a new account instead of logging in with the existing information. 


In order to best help out, we will need to gather some sensitive information. Please feel free to PM us and we can get right to it!