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How to disable/remove guardian?

Level 3

I use my Rift S for simracing, but sometimes the guardian pops up and I need to reset the floor, sometimes even in the middle of a race, this is very annoying, I then need to put the batteries back in the controllers and set the floor, effectively ruining my race!

I don't even need that guardian in the first place, I'm sitting in a race seat...


Installing oculus tray tool Solved most of my other issues.


Also removing the batteries out of the controllers.

Keeping the lights on, seems to help also.


Please 🙏 help me solve this very frustrating issue!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, thank you for bringing this to the community. We understand how frustrating this is to your gaming experience. We would love to help you figure this out! Go through the following recomendations below and if none of them apply to you please submit a support ticket here for us to look into this further. In your support ticket kindly include all of the steps you have take to try to resolve this. 


Your Oculus Quest 2, Quest or Rift S may have forgotten your previous Guardian if:

  • The physical space has changed significantly since the time you set up Guardian. It can look like a new space to our system and will prompt you to set up Guardian again. Examples include:

    • You moved furniture and/or changed the wall decor.

    • You have lots of people moving around in your play area.

  • The lighting has changed significantly since the time you set up Guardian. It can look like a new space to our system and will prompt you to set up Guardian again. Examples include:

    • You have prominent windows near the play area and external lighting has changed significantly. Daytime lighting versus nighttime lighting is a common difference that can affect the system's ability to recall the Guardian boundary.

    • The direction of indoor lighting has changed significantly, e.g., light source has moved from one side of room to other.

To help your headset remember your Guardian in the future, try these tips:

  • Stand as close as possible to the center of the intended play area when drawing your Guardian boundary.

  • Look around the room when drawing your boundary. Only looking in one direction while drawing your boundary reduces the likelihood of matching your Guardian in the future.

  • Ensure that you have appropriate lighting but avoid direct sunlight in your play area. If you can read a book in your play area, that's sufficient.

  • Always make sure the area within the Guardian system boundary is clear of hazards and obstacles.

This is not working at all. We need to completely disable guardian. Have tried support now for a long time to have the same functionality to disable guardian on the Rift-S as I have with a cabled Quest 2. Why does the Rift-S lack the guardian off setting? We use the Rift-S in a dark environment for a Mars Rover experience and it constantly lose tracking. We don't need 6DOF, people are sitting in a chair driving using a joystick. We need the exact same functionality on Rift-S as we currently have on a cabled Quest 2 using the PC VR Experience on PC link.

Yes agree contacted support and game some standard answer that isn't even correct :'(. Asked some more questions and ticket just got closed without any proper answer...

Level 3

Any news on this subject? It's been present for years, super frustrating having races and events ruined by this guardian issue pop up and blocking the game!


There should be an option to set up a non required guardian environment. Sim racing, flight simulators, we are sit on a chair or gaming rig, not walking around the room...