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How to switch from Roomscale to Stationary and vice versa?

Level 2

I set up my Quest 2 for Roomscale and now want to use Stationary mode.


I found a Meta article saying to switch:


".....But you can always switch between Guardian modes or redraw the boundaries. To do this, press the Oculus button on your right Touch controller to pull up the universal menu. Hover over the clock on the left side of the menu, and hit the Quick Settings panel. Choose Guardian. Then, select Stationary or Roomscale, and follow the on-screen instructions for drawing your new Guardian boundary."


1. press the Oculus button on the right controller to bring up the menu.  Done.

2. Hover over the Clock icon on the left side of the menu and choose Quick Settings. 


There is no clock icon and hovering over any of the menu items doesn't bring up sub menus.   The only option is to go to Settings->Guardian which just walks through the setup process.


Am I missing something?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @anonymousDox! We see you're having trouble trying to get the guardian set up in stationary mode. In your room scale, if you leave the Guardian,  a prompt should come up in the center of his field of view asking to swap to Stationary (or to redraw the Roomscale).  (Quick) Settings > Guardian let's you change to Stationary, as well. Please let us know if this was helpful to you!