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How to update oculus quest from an old version?

Level 2

Currently have a Oculus Quest 1 headset that we forgot to update; it's currently on version 23. Would like to update to the latest (v44?) but updating via the headset doesn't seem possible; when I go to About/Update, it says that no updates are available. Thought I could connect it to the PC and try to update via the software but it seems I'm unable to do so. Is there any way to update the headset to the latest? Would I need to factory reset it?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @TA_TSC! Great question! Your Quest headset should detect new updates when turned on and connected to Wi-Fi. You can read about it more HERE.

We'd love to learn more about your situation and get your headset updated, so could you give us a screenshot of what you see in the Software Update menu in Settings? Thanks!

Hi, what if we are trying to do an initial set up(we bought ours from a friend) and it is giving us a message that says we must update the quest in order to move on, however I order to update it we need to be connected to the wifi, but in order yo connect to the wifi, we need the headset to be connected to the app. How can we connect the wifi?

Hi @Just.veeee! This is actually an issue that we are aware of and are diligently working on. We will let you know when we have an update for this issue and we appreciate your patience with us. Thanks!

Hello, so the headset was connected to the wifi and left alone as mentioned in the guide. When I checked nothing had happened. When went to the About section to update it manually, the update button itself was greyed out and said something along the lines "No new updates".


I do remember that the quest had to be paired to a mobile phone. Is this still a requirement to update the headset?


Unable to give screenshots now, will have to get back to you on this on Wednesday.



Hey there! Do you still need help from us? If so, please let us know. Thanks!

Level 2

Small update: I factory reset the device (previous user signed in and I was unable to link with app). I downloaded the app and at the stage where I'm trying to put the 5 digit code from the headset into the app but it's not linking. I've toggled the bluetooth and the phone can connect to the internet. What should I do now?

Hey, thanks for getting back to us! Can you send us a picture of what message comes up in the phone app when you attempt to pair?


Have the same problem