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I've been getting the "sIgN iNtO yOuR mEtA aCcOunT" notifications that kick me out of the game.

Level 2

for some reason, even when I'm already logged in, oculus/meta account already created, my headset won't stop kicking me out of my games with the same "cReAtE a NeW mEtA aCcOuNt" notifications. even though it's already done. and I've tried re-logging in, but it just leads me to my account page on I don't get it. I need a code to make the account when I can't even somehow get the code I need. smh my head bruh.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, thank you for bringing this to our attention! It seems like you are having issues with the Meta account roll out. We love to help out! You said there's a code you're not receiving and we just want to clarify the exact issue so we can assist you better.



There's a few questions we have: 


  • What is the exact issue when creating the account? 
  • Can you provide screenshots of the error? 
  • We're you able to create a Meta account? 


This information will help us determine the exact issue so we can provide some troubleshooting steps. We hope to hear from you soon! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again! Just checking in to see if you were still needing some assistance. 


If so, please don't hesitate to reach back out anytime!