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Installing Oculus App on Drive OTHER THAN C: Drive

Level 3

I have spent the past several hours attempting to run the initial Oculus Setup, but every time I get past the Terms and Conditions I get a screen saying that I cannot connect to the Oculus Servers (which I know is false--my Internet is working fine). After scrolling through several other forums and posts, I think if I am able to install the App onto any drive besides my C: drive (I have three drives -- C:, D:, and F:), my problems will be solved. BUT, I cannot figure out how to start the installation on my F: drive. I have tried to follow the steps on this page:

numerous times. Whenever I enter "OculusSetup /drive:F" into Run, Windows replies something similar to:

"Windows cannot find 'OculusSetup'. Please check your spelling and try again."

If anyone has suggestions for installing on separate drives, any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Level 2

Okay. Figured it out once and for all.

I can't believe Oculus nor Meta could make the right instructions.

It's ridiculous.


Here it is once and for all.

1. Place OculusSetup.exe in the new drive directory (i.e. F:).

2. Press Win+R to bring up run prompt and type cmd then "Enter".

3. Type cd/ after C:\Users\(username)>.

4. Type OculusSetup.exe /drive=[drive] after C:\>.

5. Presto!


Works like a charm every time and I'm a newb.

The problem are the subsequent directories are the problem and might be in conflict with certain usernames (ones with spaces i.e. first and last names or companies).

This method had the most consistent results so had to share to put the final nail in the coffin to this problem.

Level 2

Windows Key -> CMD -> Then type:


cd C:\Users\<username>\Downloads


Then type 


OculusSetup.exe /drive=<Drive Letter>



It should then install.

Level 2

The only problem I was having is make sure there is a space between the e and / symbol.  They don't state this in the online solution for some reason. 

Level 3

A shame we still have to deal with that in 2022, what kind of engineer is working on that project ?