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Issues with Quest 2 after v43 update.

Level 2

I have noted 2 issues with my Quest 2 since I got the v43 ( update. First, when I turn on the Quest 2 it will sometimes start up, show my home area and then "boop" once and go dark, requiring me to push the power button a second time. That is actually less annoying than when playing a game from PC it has started randomly losing tracking and/or connection, which causes everything to go dark and drop me out of the game for a few seconds (2-15 at a guess) before returning me to my (thankfully now paused) game. Since this is my primary use for the headset and I have limited time, I don't have information on whether this same behavior occurs with Quest native content. It went from not doing this at all on the prior version to doing it 3-6 times in an hour or so playtime. Am I the only one experiencing this? The Quest update was the only thing that changed.