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Keeps asking to pull controller tabs and it's not connected to my phone or wifi

Level 2

I can't pair my controllers to my quest 2 because it keeps asking me to pull the tabs, and I can't connect my controllers via wifi because my quest 2 isn't connected to my phone and doesn't have it's wifi on. How do I fix this?


Level 4

You need to update the firmware on your Quest. I've written up a guide at


Hope that helps.

It didn't work, it just sent me back to the pairing controller screen after it finished installing


I have the same issue. I’m a software engineer with pretty good tech skills. I’ve tried everything possible for weeks! Once you get into this state it’s a problem with corruption in your Meta account. Some people have been waiting 10 weeks for a fix. 

I also have a ticket open with support. A replacement unit doesn’t help (can be worse!).


Meta needs to fix this soon!