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Known Issue - Mic audio not working while recording

Level 2

no one can hear me when i record with mic audio on but when its off they can 


I did try support but the suggestions didn't work. Playing Eleven Table Tennis we can't hear each other, though we can both hear music and game sounds. This happens without recording. No fix? 

hi @robert.litvak ,
oculus sometimes gets stuck with permissions. Or perhaps you need to allow it. Have you reached out to eleven support (me included), via email or discord? We usually are able to help people very quickly. (contact list:

I reached out to Oculus support and I'm not exactly thrilled. I was asked to provide, among many things, my shipping address so they could send me mailing labels.   Mailing labels!

I'm not going to send my headset anywhere! I'll figure it out before I do something so drastic, especially since the person I play Eleven with is having the same problem. I doubt it's a hardware issue for both of us! I'll be playing with my friend this weekend and will test it out to see if our reinstalls worked to fix it. If not, I'll be back in touch at the link you sent. Thank you so much!

I also reached out to the link provided

I was asked to give as much information as possible and had a few replys and this was the final reply.... no mention of sending my head set to them.  Not much info other than they are aware of this problem 



Hello Sarah,


This is Davi from Oculus Support, hope you're doing well!


Thank you for all the information you have provided. As mentioned in our forums, this is something our technical team is already working on, and doing their best to get it working as it's supposed to be once again!


I appreciate your patience and willingness to report this to us and answer all our questions regarding the issue.


Do keep an eye out for any announcements on the situation and let us know if a ninja update is rolled out fixing the bug!


Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you!



Best regards,


Level 2

something like that happened to me but I can't speak at all. i know it can't just be my mic because i tried using ear buds and still no one could hear me. apparently, people hear reverb through my mic but  i cannot confirm. let me know if this is just me or if it is something else.

Level 3

Just happened the other day microphone always worked fine now no one can hear me when online gaming and when I record a video you can't hear me I've also recently been told that sounds like my mic is crackling and I have been muted and other lobbies it really sucks I've had it for over a year never dropped it never spilled anything on it don't even really sweat that much just stopped working out of nowhere

Hmmmm that's interesting I may have to make a secondary account on my headset and see if that works.. my Mic has not been working for a week now 😪