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Left Oculus Touch Controller is invisible.

Level 2

So, basically i can still use the buttons but the tracking doesn't work and the controller's invisible, please help me. 😞


Level 2

no i wont factory reset my quest 2 because its the fourth time i do and it took me 1 day to fully reconnect to my meta account.

Hey there @renjuopourri, we definitely don't want you waiting an entire day to reconnect, so let's try some troubleshooting and see if any of these steps may help. 


First remove the battery from the controller for at least 30 seconds. While doing this it's a good idea to wipe down the controller with a dry microfiber cloth. 

After you replace the batter, Unpair and re-pair your controllers, and reboot your headset. 


Next, clean the lenses of your headset with a microfiber cloth.  Also be sure that the room has decent lighting without any direct sunlight, highly reflective surfaces, 

Try using the headset in a different play area. 


If you're still experiencing difficulties please open a ticket with support:

When submitting the ticket please be sure to list all of the troubleshooting steps you've already tried.