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Left and right controller not working

Level 2

So when I try to use, try to turn on and pair my left controller does now work what so ever in the categories and bad stick drift on both controllers

and the right thinks it’s the left when I try to pair it well both left and right idk what to do I don’t want  to buy a new headset but I will if I have to


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Centervr!


Thank you for taking the time to post in the forums, as we greatly appreciate it. However what we can't appreciate are those controllers of your giving you some issues! Let's just see what we can do to make this issue disappear! If you're willing, we have a couple troubleshooting steps for you to attempt. The steps are ass follows:


  • Take out the batteries and replace them.
  • Make sure to clean all the battery contact points
  • Gently clean the sensor ring with a fiber cloth


If you've tried all the above and nothing came of it, then let's have you get in touch with some of our awesome specialists over at our main support channel here: There they have a plethora of tools ready and waiting to help! Rest assured we'll get those controllers sorted out and have back in the game in no time!

Thank you for the suggestions but I have tried to do those 

I’ve tried multiple troubleshooting guides and stuff none of them. Seem to work with sucks if there are anymore things that may solve my issue I will try them just really bummed since bonelab came out thanks!

If you have a pc try this,





Sorry to hear that I'm in the same boat because I don't have APC and oculus support has been going back-and-forth with me for 2 weeks with nothing to show for and nothing said we're being done I've had a law office pick up my small claims case today...  It's unfortunate because I'm not a big fan of lawsuits and I and I enjoyed using the product and would have continued paying and buying more games but without being able to access or use them and being sent known faulty device as a replacement.