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Left controller paired, but not moving or appearing

Level 2

After set-up, my controllers paired as expected with my Quest 2. While my right controller was paired, could move in VR and all the buttons work. I can select and manipulate things with it. However, after set-up, my left controller paired and appeared in VR, but remained stationary. I could rotate it, but it would not move. After about 5mins it would just disappear. In guardian mode, the headset would recognise and find the right controller, but not the left. The left controller remains paired. I can see its battery status and if I switch the oculus button to the left controller in settings I can pull up and dismiss the menu with the left controller.


The left controller is paired in the app and to the headset, but I can`t see or manipulate it in VR. Buttons do work and it vibrates when expected. The right controller works fine. I have tried:


  1. Un pairing and pairing both controllers multiple times, no joy
  2. Uninstalling and dechaching the meta quest app multiple times
  3. Replacing the battery of the left controller multiple times (battery level is shown at 90%)
  4. Restarting the Meta Quest 2
  5. Wiping all previous guardian plans
  6. Factory reset

I am at my wit's end. How can the left controller be paired, be shown as paired in-app and on the headset, vibrate and push buttons, but not show up in VR or move in VR... the other controller works fine!


Please help.



Level 2

Had same type issue does it say updating firmware when you repair the controller? Then says it did but does not work. It's some kinda glitch after a update they did from what I can tell from meta support. Even thou mine is very far outta warrenty they exchanged my left remote now it's good. Takes 3 weeks thou

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @Digbit24! We see you're having an issue with you left controller being recognized by the headset. We appreciate you letting us know the troubleshooting steps you've taken to try and get this resolved. We would like for you to open up a support ticket with us here and include the same details so we can have our specialists look into this further for you. 

Nothing about firmware no