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Locked out of my Quest 2 due to forgetting the lock pattern and can't factory reset

Level 2

I am not able to play my Quest 2 as I forgot my unlock pattern that I made multiple months ago. I would connect to my headset and remove it with my pin through the mobile app but that requires the pattern. After researching for awhile I saw that this is still an issue with the system and the only way around it is a factory reset. I was fine with this as long as I could play my Quest again. The only problem is I can't factory reset my headset. I turned off my headset, held the power button and volume down button, the boot screen came up, and then whenever I took my fingers off of either button the screen would instantly close. I have attempted multiple times to do this and it has happened every time. I have looked this up and there was only one other person with this same problem and there was no solution. Obviously I can't reset it through the app as I need the pattern to connect to the headset. So at this point the only thing (that I know of) that I can do is to try and brute force the pattern unlock. Please if anyone knows how help me out tell me.@OculusSupport