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MSFS2020 Flashes Again

Level 4
As of the latest Rift S update, I am now getting flashes/spikes both visual and audio at the rate of one per three seconds continuously in all aircraft, day and night. The day before, I would get a flash about once per 5 minutes. The sim has become unusable until Oculus addresses this issue.

Level 3

I opted out of beta to fix it. Now the software has updated again and the flashes are back. 

Level 4

Same here, the **bleep** flashes are back since the update (V26), and there is no other version to escape to..


Not sure if complaining about it here helps, since nobody who could do anything about it seems to be reading this, or at least they aren't responding. Maybe we should prod some Microsoft peeps to go after the Oculus peeps to solve this.

Level 2

Disabling beta worked to get rid of the problem in MSFS, I fixed it just yesterday. Then they released that beta onto us as an official update and the problem is back exactly as described above. I'm on a Quest 2. The problem is obviously within the Oculus App Version

Level 2

Same here. Unusable. Quest 2 MSFS2020. Was fine until about 2 weeks ago. Not sure if it was the MS update or the Oculus update.

Level 10

I have currently an open ticket with the MSFS support team with the video I posted showing the issue and they answered they investigate and work on this issue. So we have hope at least on MSFS side.

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I7 10700K,  RTX 3070, 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz, Oculus Rift CV1

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Disabling Beta won't work anymore as that broken Beta has become the new update 26. And it's now been forced out there. So everything broken again.


Level 2

It a bit worrying that the current beta doesn't fix the issue ... so who knows when a fix might actually come.

Level 2

I am legitimately looking at alternative headsets right now.  I can't believe 'sofa tracking' was pushed out at the cost of this.

Level 2

Was a big Rift S fan and was working great in MSFS but now looking at the Reverb as VR impossible for the flight sim now. 

Level 2

Same here. Rift S, RTX 3070. Had those flashes a few weeks ago, then they disappeared, and today they returned worse than ever.