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Merging Facebook -> Meta Account

Level 2

Hey!!~ Asking for a friend~

My friend currently logs in through Facebook under YYY@gmail. he’s planning to delete this Facebook account permanently. 

If he were to set up a meta account under this Facebook account, will he be able to set up the meta account with a NEW email address ZZZ@gmail? and everything will be merged, so he can permanently delete his Facebook account? 


He has SO SO many games so he doesn’t want to mess this up. 

please help!! Thank you so much!!! 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heyo! We know how urgent some people are to unlink that Facebook from their Meta accounts, so we'd be glad to provide some insight! 


In regard to unlinking the Facebook, you are correct. Once they create the Meta account, they have full ability to unlink the Facebook from said account


Afterwards, it may be under the existing (YYY@gmail) address. They can login via Email and change the email to the preferred (ZZZ@gmail) address on the site.


If any issues arise for them, we'd be more than happy to help out too!


Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!