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Meta Oculus Quest 2 Lies, deceit, and selling defective equipment

Level 2

Public Service Announcement- Buyer beware and if you are expecting service from Meta, beware as well.  Fine people of the world, please take careful note of this post.  It could possibly save you some grief as I wish someone could have warned me if the frustration and unnecessary duress of purchasing an Oculus Quest 2/ Meta Quest 2.


We purchased an Oculus quest 2 last year for a Christmas gift.  3 months later, the left controller would not synch or recognize via the headset.  As a technical professional myself, I embarked on searching for a fix.  There are literally thousands of users having the same issue, but non of the solutions or fixes worked for us after a week of trying everything.  So we purchased another Quest 2 so that we could make a single good operating set and opened a ticket for the original defective purchase.  After many back and forths trying remedial troubleshooting nothing worked.  So in the meantime the right controller would no longer

synch on the original.  So I had my ticket be updated for the whole unit as being defective.  Meanwhile, the new unit stopped working on the left controller.  So now we have two defective units.  The 2nd was swapped out at the retailer that it was purchased from via extended warranty I purchased. Now on our 3rd Oculus Quest 2.  5 days later, the 3rd unit lost connection with the left controller and would not resynch.  So that Oculus Quest 2 was swapped out at the retailer for the 4th attempt.  Keeping in mind we were bound and determined to get a good one that would work since we have spent at least $500 on games for it as well as the original $400.  Not to mention an additional $300 for accessories.  So the 4th unit, was only good for 3 days before it stopped communicating with the headset.  So I went back to the retailer and got a refund.  

We sent back the original defective left right controllers and the headset.  Which by the way, have to be shipped in separate boxes for each.  We received replacements back in about a week.  Upon setting up the replacements sent to us, the replacement headset and controllers are again and still defective.  They will not go past the screen showing to pull the battery tabs.


So come to find out, Meta knowingly sent us a defective unit for replacement.  How is that you say?  Because Meta states to me in email, that they are selling new, and known defective units to us.  Rather than pull them, they continue to sell them knowing that a portion of the new units will not function.  I was told that I would have to wait for developers to push out a fix.  That has been weeks now and they won’t even send me another unit to even try to meet their warranty.  So 9 months later and 5 units later, we are still trying to get a unit that works longer than a couple of months.

So the large portion of you that are having issues, I am sorry as it is a very frustrating experience.  Of the billions of $ they make off of us.  They will not make it right.  Don’t let even think about getting a new unit sent to you for warranty.  It will not happen.


I have heard of one story on the news that Meta has made right on their warranty and stand behind their product.  ONE!

Moral of the story is… if you or yours is thinking of purchasing an Meta/Oculus Quest 2.  Don’t, save your money for a real vr even if it is more expensive and you have to wait to buy it.  As I can assure you… anything you get will be better than the mass produced, knowingly potentially defective Meta Quest 2 sold without any support.  If you wonder why they don’t have a customer service number, it is because it is a lot easier to lie across email than on a call.

I expect there will soon be a class action suit if there is not one already.


Best of luck to everyone,





Level 2

I have the same problem. Cant even use mine

Level 4

luckily i was smart enough to get it at costco



tried 2 of them just to make sure the 1st one wasn't bad and unable to pair


the merchandise return guy asked me what is wrong

i told him never got it to work, never got it to activate


i asked if he gets a lot of returns on this meta quest 2 oculus product

he said yes, i see a fair amount come back

look he said

and i saw behind in the shopping cart of return items 2 more quest


i suspected as much, as he immediately knew not to even look in the empty box and knew instantly how to operate the zipper on the carrying case and only took a second to confirm contents before issuing me a full refund


good luck to those who are stuck with theirs