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Meta quest 2 headset.

Meta quest 2 headset.
There is a small Red Cross in the upper right corner of the display I dont know what it is.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! We see you say you're seeing a red dot on the screen of Meta Quest 2 and are concerned about why it's there, we understand you want to handle this, so have no fear, Meta is here to help.


The red dot in the upper right corner indicates that the device is casting or video recording. To disable those settings, follow the steps below:


  • Navigate to the settings menu on your Meta Quest 2 device.
  • Select device
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Video Capture Indicator.
  • Then you can toggle the red dot on the screen on and off.


These steps should resolve your problem while also informing you that you are casting or video recording on the device. Please let us know if this helps so we can look into this further for you.

Level 2

yeah i have the same thing, working on it now