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Multiple Devices under 1 admin for education...

Hello All,

I have purchased 4 Quest 2 sets for my vocational program at a local high school. We cannot access FB from district networks, we do not have phone owned by the district, we cannot AirLink due to network security settings. It looks as though the learning software company does offer stand alone apps for the headset. I am trying to figure out a way to set up the 4 headsets and manage content and restrictions as students use them to access the learning apps. Any suggestions?? 


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Have you been able to resolve your issue? I am having a similar issue.

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That's quite a tricky situation.

You can't set up Quest 2s without a phone or tablet to tie them to, that's a hard requirement. Once set up, they generally don't need the phone around (except a couple of settings like turning developer mode on and off) and you can use one phone for many devices. I just use my own phone.


While facebook accounts are no longer needed, the Quest 2 needs access to Meta's servers for updates, software downloads, setup, etc. If your network is blocking facebook, it's probably blocking those servers too. Plus to make the accounts you need to connect to Meta, so same issue.


Network blocking of Airlink can be avoided by using Link instead (usb cable, no network). But I have a suspicion that your IT department won't like Oculus software (that connects to meta servers too) running on the classroom PCs.


So one solution is:

- use your own phone, or buy a cheap android one (needs to be compatible with the oculus app, but otherwise can be a simple one)

- do all the headset setup off campus on a network that isn't locked down

- buy some long USB 3 cables that are suitable for Link (not all long cables work with Link)

- convince your IT department to allow Oculus desktop software on the PCs and allow them meta server access. Although I'm guessing this will be the blocking point.

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Sort of but not really. I had IT create 4 dummy emails giving me admin access over those emails. Then, I just created a Meta account with each device being assigned an email. I then used my personal phone to activate each headset. They are working. We have yet to tackle casting so the group can watch the simulation on a large tv. That is our next step.