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Need Help with my Oculus Quest 2

Level 2

Hello to all users I have 2 brand new Oculus Quest 2 that have the same problem the right controller is not paired and need to pair it again, in the past I do it many times with no  problem but today I made a factory reset to the headset and try to pair the headset to the mobile app but the company change something in thy police and now the last version of the mobile app  and when I try to pair the headset to the mobile app I get the message that tells me that I need to update the headset to the last version to and repeat again and again on the same message, now the problem that I stuck on the first screen on the headset and my controller does not pair and I can't  continue to the next screen and the second problem that I can't pair the headset to the mobile app because it asks me to be in the last firmware  V43, what I need and I ask over and over again from the  Meta support please provide me the last update but in zip file and with this file I will able to update the headset with ADB commands in Sideload mode like I did in different Oculus Quest 2, I search in the web this last update file but no luck and now I don't know way the support not provide me this update its not something that thy not have so please if any body can help me it will be wenderfull thanks to any body that help 


this is the message that I receive -

Oculus Quest 2 Message.jpeg



Level 4

Many people have this issue, Meta still haven't fixed it after two weeks, they obviously don't know how too. So I guess we all have a bricked headset until they hopefully work out a solution 🤞🤞🙏🙏

I every day talk with them and they insist on not giving me the file, I don't know why because it's the same file that you released into the air on the wifi the same so why not provide it to us and work how much time you want on the update that will fix this issue but release as from wait for you I try to work how I get this update on file if I do so I will let you know