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No access to Facebook account

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My Facebook account that was linked to my oculus quest 2 was banned for no reason, I don’t even use Facebook and I only made it for my vr. Since my Facebook account was banned so is my oculus so now I can’t play anything and I can’t even sign in or do anything to get it unbanned. Please help 

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Hello again, thank you very much for your reply! I would love to PM you, but unfortunately I do not know how to do that. I cannot see any option how to send you direct message or reach to your email.

On the page you provided me the link for I am getting in endless loop of General Support > Account > Meta accounts > I am having issues with my Meta account > Notification of warning or suspension of your Meta or Oculus account > Please reach out to Meta Store support if you wish to appeal.


I'm so sorry for being so stupid - can you please help me to contact you properly?


Thank you!

Nevermind, I probably found that... *facepalm*

did you get all your games and everything you had back???

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so here’s my issue. i cant log into my facebook anywhere. when i first got my oculus January 2022. it made me link my facebook to it. well now i can’t find a way to get ahold of oculus to unlink the account so i can just sign in with my email. does anyone know how to actually get ahold of oculus, it all just takes me to meta quest support and i can’t tell them what’s specifically going on.

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Just bought an oculus to get my hacked and disabled Facebook back. I dealt with a very nice lady who sent me here and flagged our conversation. Anybody else in the same boat? I wanted an oculus anyways, this just kind of forced me into it. lol

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I want to purchase Meta Quest 2 package, but my facebook account randomly was disabled on october 2nd 2022. I have no idea why, I have not done or posted anything remotely sketchy. I have also been unable to submit the requested ID because apparently they dont have anyone to review appeals due to covid. They have also told me that if I do not appeal in 30 days, my account with be disabled indefinitely...
I do not feel comfortable making this purchase until my account has be re-enabled and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if someone could give me some advice.
Kind regards,

Can i ask a help about my facebook account 

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My FB account was hacked and disabled last week. I'd like to request a thorough review of my account and have it reactivated.  I did not commit the community standards violation that I was accused of committing. I followed the instructions provided by Facebook to dispute the decision to disable my account by providing a pic of my photo id and received a response that due to COVID-19 they couldn’t review and make a decision. I’ve followed a report with the cyber security team through my local police station and I’m not sure what else to do. Do I return my Oculus Quest 2? Any support or guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

The best place to get help for Facebook account issues is with their support center. There are some great links in the marked solution to get you started, but I'll repost them here:


Facebook Help Center - This is the main splash page. Head here for general assistance.

Recover your account - Here's something a bit more specific.

My personal account was disabled - This may be the exact page you need, give this one a shot too.

Hacked and Fake accounts - This is another useful link, specifically for when you think you may have been hacked.

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Hey there, like wendy above, many of us have been wrongfully disabled due to being hacked. Facebook's supposed support (as you listed) is a no-win runaround. Half of them won't work when you're account is disabled. Without any true review or knowledge of what happened during the hack, it's just frustrating.


I now have a Facebook, Instagram, and an Oculus Quest 2 that I can't access. Why? Because Facebook promoted connecting them. Shame on me for thinking it was the right thing to do. Can Meta at least delink accounts from Facebook login so we can at least save our hundreds of dollars of apps?