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Oculus Link randomly kicks me out

Level 2

So I've been running pcvr from my quest for a year now with no issues. I took a 2 month break and came back to finish Half life alyx and noticed after around 30 minutes one of two things would happen: It would kick me back to oculus home and I'd have to restart oculus link or it would freeze my vr screen but on the pc it was still responding to my movements. I decided to test the usb 3 connection and it now says it is unstable which must be the problem. However, I ran the test after reinstalling the oculus app and restarting my pc and it gave the normal bandwidth speed. Then a few minutes later as I'm about to open vtol vr, I run the test and the same unstable connection result occurs. I believe both of my usb 3 ports are not broken as all of my peripherals can run smoothly off of them. So if anyone knows how to fix the connection please help!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! That's an experience we don't want to hear from our customers. We'd love to help. 


Can you make sure you at least meet the minimum requirements HERE for compatibility? Is your graphics card up to date? Is it freezing with 3rd party software or all apps? We look forward to hearing from you so we can isolate the issue,

it has worked for the past year on the same system and has just randomly started doing what is listed above. I noticed it would freeze after anywhere from 5-50 minutes of gameplay.

Thanks for letting us know! The next thing we'd suggest for you here is to make sure all of your drivers are updated, especially for your GPU. That is one of the most common things that can cause some issues, and it's an easy fix if so!


If that still doesn't work to fix your Link issues, we'd like for you to send our team a support ticket here to look into it a bit further. Please also include a copy of your Oculus logs when you do, that way our experts can take a look at your setup and see what's going on to figure out the best way to help you out!